A Mother’s Concern for Another

Have any of you ever taken a moment to notice how much is going on even in this brief scene?

This is just after Elsa accidentally reveals her magic to the people in the ballroom. She runs all the way outside, where the waiting people of Arendelle clap and cheer because they are happy to see her. However, through all of the cheering, Elsa remains scared and just keeps running…and then she comes upon this woman who asks her if she is all right.

What really gets my attention here is that the citizens are so busy wrapped up in cheering for their queen that they don’t notice how unhappy she looks. But then she stumbles upon this lady, and while the lady is happy like everyone else, she is the only one who senses that something is amiss with Elsa.

Not to mention the lady is a mother, so it is likely her motherly instinct sets in and she can’t help but show concern for Elsa.

And look carefully at Elsa: after being asked if she is all right, she honestly answers because she shakes her head slightly and even quietly answers “No.”

What is heartbreaking in this moment is not that Elsa is scared, but what is really going on with her when she reacts to the question. Since she sees that this woman is a mother, it gets to her because she misses her own mother (and father). In this short, quick scene, Elsa is briefly reduced to a child again and feels that, based on this new turn of events, she still needs a parent’s care and guidance to help her get through it.

But even after she runs away and believes everyone is against her, there still is one person she can count on: Anna.

(via lollipopclouds)